Why be racist when we all bleed the same color? Why judge when we haven't even got to really know each other? Discrimination does nothing but set us back. The world is more colorful when it's not only white and black
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  1. Gordomateo

    We all live on this planet together. Why would something so great be only for a select few of people?

    No one thinks this way… If you are on Earth, you are here for a reason. Look at nature, she never fibs.

    November 19, 2012
  2. rosechute24

    Yes, everyone has a purpose on this earth

    November 19, 2012
  3. justathinker

    “Why be racist when we all bleed the same color? "

    Animals bleed red too. Are you asserting that they have equality too on the basis of their blood colour?

    “Why judge when we haven’t even got to really know each other?”

    Because we often have to make judgements just to get things done, and there is not always time to get to know one another.

    “Discrimination does nothing but set us back. "

    Actually discrimination does the following

    “Under the Fair Work Act 2009, discrimination is disadvantaging someone in the workplace because of their:
    sexual preference
    physical or mental disability
    marital status
    family or carer’s responsibilities
    political opinion
    national extraction
    social origin.

    The disadvantage must fit the legal definition of ‘adverse action’."

    So in fact, it sets the other person back. Not “us”.

    “The world is more colorful when it’s not only white and black”

    What is so great about a colourful world? Just more distractions.

    November 19, 2012
  4. levibarkly

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    November 02, 2016
  5. phoenixcarrier

    That’s pathetic. There are racial differences that cannot be ignored, nor should they be. European peoples have been under attack for centuries, millennia even. You don’t go to a zoo and see all of the animals in the same pen, they would tear each other apart. It is no different with humans. Don’t succumb to the conditioning that has been shoved in your face. Diversity=White Genocide.

    November 06, 2016
  6. tonytran

    There will always be descrimination. There is to much differences not all be the same. We as human beings are created each differently this comes with beliefs, upbringing, culture, economic,religion. Even with the laws that govern society racism will present itself. If not direct it will be indirect. At the end of the day it’s how you interpret it and handle these types of situations. Why stoop rather support.

    March 05, 2017